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  • Services

    Customer Service

    customer-centric   create value for customers

    Customers’ satisfaction is our only goal. 

    We listen to the voice of our customer, transform customers’ requirements to our own requirements and regard it as a primary standard for all judgments and behavior.We regard customers’ development as enterprise’s growth, constantly create and offer value to customers which is beneficial to them, so as to gain unlimited customer trust.  

    We deem:
    In order to seize the initiative in current fierce competition, we need to establish more efficient and agile supply chain and more competitive material price.

    The competition in current manufacturing industry, is not only price competition, Its essence is the competition of the whole operation ability of the company, supply chain efficiency competition. Must be in each link to achieve first-class, then can win.We carry out work just around these factors, offer good quality products and service to customers, create value for customers. 

    Customers’ requirements are very important to us, we have various professional talents, including sales representatives, customer service representatives and technical support engineers, provide customers with best service and technical support.

    In order to meet customers’ special requirements, we offer reliable service to customer to increase productivity and cost efficiency, and offer professional suggestions and products for their special application. Meanwhile, we can also suggest alternative solution through network so as to lower general cost.

    Sales representative
    Our sales representative is the main contact person to customers’for any related inquiry and requirement. They can confirm your requirements and provide you with the instant latest products and service information. They can arrange suitable source to support customers’ requirements if necessary. In order to effectively develop and maintain customer relationship, our sales representative can communicate with customer fluently in local languages, and can fully understand their requirements. By regular visit, they can offer practical commercial solution for customers. Besides, every sales representative grasps latest and wide market situation, especially in their service district and industry, so they can provide customers with market supply situation and industry information at any time.

    Customer Service representative 
    Our customer representatives are responsible for order fulfillment, they accept orders and handle timely and accurately, take full responsibility for order processing, trace the full procedure execution until customers have received the goods. Customer service representatives also fully cooperate with factory and transportation companies and find out the way to improve efficiency through daily operation mode, so as to better satisfy customers’ requirements.

    In order to effectively develop and maintain customer relationship, customer representatives know about customers’ expectation, and can find out the best solution which conform with cost efficiency. Because customer representatives know about supply chain, order procedure and all related departments, they can actively offer service far beyond customers’ expectation.
    Technical support engineer  
    Since we set up technical service engineering department, engineers has the same goal: help customers to lower general cost by professional technical knowledge. We inherit this good tradition, all engineers are ready to offer the best technical solution for customers at anytime.

    In order to catering the increase growing requirement of plastic, our engineers have profound knowledge and wide plastic experience, such as material features, product design, mold design, manufacturing technique, finishing operation and quality control. Engineers will visit your factory, and have further communication with your technical staff, discuss questions from fundamental aspect, then deep into the details. 

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