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Fashion technology

Fashion is more than appearance.

Is an attitude of what you wear.

About us

Quanzhou Top Hyflux CLothing Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, specializing in the production of foreign trade clothing industry and trade enterprises. The company is located in China's apparel production base in Jinjiang City of Fujian province, the company was founded in the 1990 s, has all the modern advanced manufacturing equipment, advanced production technology, exquisite making fine quality, perfect, scientific and efficient management system, our products have reached the quality requirement of numerous domestic and international famous brands, in the production of each assembly line, go through our qc inspectors strictly guard a pass. We have been adhering to the spirit of cooperation in work, people - oriented, joint efforts to produce first-class products. We have won the reputation of our partners with our quality and reputati...


Service Hotline:+86 595 88581812

Address: Ming Sen Building, No. 131, Hou Ku South District, Xintang street, Jinjiang,Fujian

TEL.NO.: +86 595 88581812,

EMAIL: seetronnie@hotmail.com

  • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED:Top Hyflux Apparel Co. Ltd.        TEL.NO.: +86 595 88581812,     ADD:FUJIANQUANZHOU     閩ICP備18024151號-1

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