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  • About Us

    Corporate Culture

    Vision---Creat national brand and shape the world-class new material enterprise.
    ■ The nationality is the world. To be the domestic leading and world-class new material enterprise, Sinoplast will be devoted to enhancing comprehensive competitiveness, constantly developing market at home and abroad, expanding influence in the world.
    ■ Sinoplast-- Chinese plastics, Plastics made in China, will be more powerful and brave to take responsibility to the stand tall in the world brand as national brand.

    Mission--Build developing platform for employee, creat product value for client, establish healthy life for society.
    ■ For employee: Sinoplast, Through developing powerfully, will build a great developing platform on which the employee will betterly develop
    ■ For client: Sinoplast will focus on quality, devote to provide better product to client for meeting their requirements, aim to realize mutual development with client.

    For society: Sinoplast provide new material to client, by which way indirectly provide health to human beings and protect environment.
    Core values:Fair and Integrity,Tolerant and Benevolence, Responsibility and Mutually beneficial

    ■ Fair and Integrity is self-respect
    It Is impartial, objective and fair; and the correction straight is integrity decent.Honest is to keep one’s promise. It is visible that the integrity is the foundation for the development and progress Therefore, only stick to the principle of good faith can be respected in a long term,while enterprises to adhere to the principle will reach long-term success.

    ■ Tolerant and Benevolence is giving respect
    Tolerance contains two meanings, one set strict demands on oneself and the other be lenient with others.This is the performance of open-minded and it is a virtue. Tolerance is not indulge, not to people not responsible for, but people donchr(34)t measure to blame
     Benevolence is love. "Benevolence" is a symbol of the moral spirit of the Chinese nation, isthe core of the spirit of "people-oriented".  
    Does not demand perfection, not be jealouse of real talent without the seniority system is the significance of tolerant and benevolence.  
    Thus, the big society, small to company, who advocate the spirit of tolerance of love ,will build a harmonious atmosphere

    ■ Responsibility

    It is spirit, is a lofty sense of mission and belonging, is a loyalty and honor for mission.

    ■ Mutually benefical
    mutual benefit is a kind of wisdom. Wisdom is reflected during making a decision. The good decision depends on which is the basis of the standard, and mutual benefit to win more is our standard. This standard penetrate our work and all aspects of life, which runs through in our life. What we hope to do is to creat society, shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and consumers multi-win situation

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